1 BTC = $ 11400.005 USD

Chamath Palihapitiya [former Facebook and AOL exec – promotes bitcoin]

Highly educations and honest interview by Brad Stone (Bloomberg BusinessWeek writer) with Chamath Palihapitiya (Tech VC and former Executive of Facebook and AOL). Learn why bitcoin is a significant game changer and why you should pay attention and participate.

“I believe you’re seeing the beginning of the most important revolution since the invention of the internet itself”
~ John Milanoski

$149 million bitcoin transaction?

Imagine, someone transferred $149 million and had zero fees! Here’s the transaction record here on blockchain (in case you didn’t know, ALL bitcoin transactions are public record) go here

The actual value in USD at the time of transaction was $149,037,049.76 and occurred 2013-11-22 17:38:09.

This was the single largest bitcoin transaction by value ever. There were 194,993.5 bitcoins transferred.

Was this Richard Branson cashing in the bitcoins he received for the 6 seats on Virgin Galactic that were purchased at $250,000.00 per ticket?

Think Bigger,
John Milanoski.

Bitcoin is serious business

Wall Street Jounal interview with Spencer Ante and Simon Constable discussing bitcoin.

Note: bitcoin is capped at 21 million bitcoins 21 trillion Satoshies. There are approx 6-7 trillion in total global currencies today, There is plenty of room for the world to adopt Satoshies as an alternative to traditional money. 

If all bitcoins were in existence today and a bitcoin is worth $1000.00 then the market cap would be $21 Billion. When it goes to 10,000.00 per bitcoin value the market cap would be $210 Billion (less than the market cap of existing publicly traded companies). If you go up to $100,000.00 per bitcoin you would be at the market cap level of gold, around $2.1 Trillion worldwide. If you go to $1m per bitcoin you would be at level of U.S. GDP and if you go up to $3m per bitcoin you’d be at world GDP.

Everything Gold does as a monetary value… Bitcoin does better!

Winklevoss Twins Explain Bitcoin

The Winklevoss Twins (same ones you heard about in relation to Facebook) have invested over $10 million into bitcoin startups. They are working to create the first fund for bitcoins and have filed for a $20m IPO. Their plan is to make it so you can trade bitcoins just like you can stocks.