1 BTC = $ 11400.005 USD

$149 million bitcoin transaction?

Imagine, someone transferred $149 million and had zero fees! Here’s the transaction record here on blockchain (in case you didn’t know, ALL bitcoin transactions are public record) go here

The actual value in USD at the time of transaction was $149,037,049.76 and occurred 2013-11-22 17:38:09.

This was the single largest bitcoin transaction by value ever. There were 194,993.5 bitcoins transferred.

Was this Richard Branson cashing in the bitcoins he received for the 6 seats on Virgin Galactic that were purchased at $250,000.00 per ticket?

Think Bigger,
John Milanoski.

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  1. Zev
    Zev February 10, 2014 at 6:20 pm | | Reply

    John – Is this your new endeavor? For those who think Fiat (paper) money is a dream, BitCoins are way more ephemeral. Poof and they are gone. Hope you are doing well John and best of success in all that you are working on. – Zev

    1. John
      John February 10, 2014 at 7:57 pm | | Reply

      Hi Zev,
      Not an new endeavor. Simply a better way to facilitate transaction. As you know, with The Customer Advantage we are global. We pay commissions to members on ALL transactions and in many cases this may include a referral line from US to NZ, to Austrailia, to Africa. along that chain a commission is paid. the challenge faced is in paying each person in their currency. Also facilitating each transaction in the respective country. The use of a regular merchant account is very prohibitive. Fees for the transaction, fees for the currency exchange. specific pages for each currency type etc. With bitcoin, this is all bypasses with one simple solution. To add to the benefit this eliminates risk of identity theft (since you do not need to input all your personal information to perform transaction), minimizes fraud (since this really is person to person and not likely to be a person that is using a stolen credit card or false card). It will prevent costly charge-backs to merchants (particularly painful when a product or service has been delivered already). Zero FEES for the transaction (this can save a merchant as much as 6%). Global right from anywhere, equal opportunity. We’ll be able to pay commissions faster (maybe daily as we fine tune this). Additional advantage to merchants that accept bitcoin is that there is an ever growing audience looking for places to spend them.

      If you are worried about having some paper, you can always print your bitcoin wallet. It would be the equivalent of your dollars. The billions of dollars being created out of thin air each month is typically digital too. And yes, poof, it can be gone. matter of fact that’s exactly what they are doing right under you nose. printing more, de valuing your paper. its worth 95% less than when we went off the gold standard and it is just smoke an mirrors. Bitcoin however has NO ONE that can create bitcoins at will. there will be a max of 21 million bitcoins created. so, to match the US GDP each coin would need to be worth 1,000,000.00 USD each.

      with bitcoin we truly can act local and think globally. once the local bitcoin economy takes way, I see no real need to convert back to any other currency locally, its a true peer to peer transaction.

      All the best,
      John Milanoski

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